10 Facts About Me

Good night! Or at least it’s night time here on the east coast. If you’re living in the south eastern sector of America then you know it was quite a beautiful day for the weather today, what with it being all warm and sunny and what not. Anyways, welcome to my blog. This is my first official post and I honestly should have done this sooner. Let me introduce myself for those of you who may not know who I am. Fact #1: My name is Myaijah Moneé Sheard (My-Asia Monet Shear-d {Hard D.} for those who struggle with pronunciation…and using context clues…and sounding out words, just kidding). Today, I am here to give you guys a little insight as to who the person running this show is.

Fact #2: I was born on November 5, 1998.

This means I am eighteen years young. Scorpio Sun, Gemini Moon, Scorpio Rising (If you assume this means I’m truly fucking insane then assume no longer because I am confirming it). Bonus Fact: As I’m sure you can already feel the vibes (probably not), I’m into witchcraft, certain sectors of the occult, and the greatness of the earth, moon, and stars. Say less, it’s not even what you think. If you’re into it: let’s do brunch, sis.

Fact #3: I have a lot of pets. I hope it’s OK with you.

In the future I plan to greatly expand my personal petting zoo. Eight out of eleven of my animals reside in water, so it’s pretty casual. The other three are actually dogs named Khloe, Mariio, and Slater which are currently my only land animals. I have five female bettas by the names of Gaia, Artemis, Demeter, Helena (Hel), and Anat. For years I once had only one male betta named Almanac who started it all. I also had two African Dwarf Frogs named Neiman and Marcus and a Nirite snail named Wiki. Unfortunately, Almanac, Wiki, and Marcus are no longer with us. They each had a beautiful funeral service. Included in my aquatic farm are two mystery (or apple snails, or ivory snails) named Thesaurus and Lugubrious who actually just became over fifty mystery snails. One of Thesaurus’ egg clutches actually hatched. So, Fact #4, I am a grandma.

Fact #5: I’m multi-faceted and it causes a lot of struggle for me.

When you have multiple talents, or multiple things you think you might actually be pretty good at, it makes it so hard to pick something you want to focus on. Which is why I call myself an artist. “What do you do?” I just create. I am a creative, that’s all I honestly know for sure that I am capable of doing for the rest of my life. I also run a YouTube channel. Myaijah Moneé is all you need to search. All of my social media is @hajiamonee excluding snapchat which you can probably find through my channel or my social media platforms.

Fact #6: I am Black and Panamanian.

This will pretty much sum itself up. On my mother’s side, there are African and Cherokee genes and on my father’s side is where my Panamanian heritage derives from (which, imo, is still black). I am just a yung Afro-Latina (technically) trying to take over the world. My mom is a businesswoman and entrepreneur and my dad is a self-made business mogul and photographer. They’re fucking crazy, and get upset at me a lot because I, too, am a lunatic, but I do love them dearly.

Fact #7: If possible, I would be married to a grilled cheese sandwich and have mozzarella sticks for children.

I fucking love cheese. On everything. My burgers, salads, in romantic gestures from men…cheese is life. Dairy is so unfortunate, though, because of how those beautiful and helpless cows are treated in order to obtain it and the fact that there’s random shit like pus and tears of abuse and agony in there, so cheese and yogurt are the only dairy products I consume consistently. I try to stay away from Dairy outside of that. I should probably go Vegan, too, but listen…I’m a broke eighteen year old. When my empire is up and running, veganism will be a GO. Then, only then, will I be able to elevate to my greater form. Lmao.

Fact #8: I swear like a sailor. *a shrug*

A lot of people say “Oh my god it’s sooo unattractive when a girl curses,” Shut the fuck up. I am not here to be attractive to you. I am here to take over the world, and I am here ironically to spread as much love, great vibes, and raw support onto others as I can before I ascend into my next life. Which doesn’t include letting people on the internet dictate how I should or shouldn’t go about existing. Swearing is one of my favorite forms of expression that I hold very close and dear to me. As politely as I can say it, fuck you if you don’t like it. There are plenty of bloggers who are PG-13 friendly! Scroll to the top right corner of your browser and click to Exit this page and go seek them out before you twist your panties further up your ass. -Management

Fact #9: Me being passionate about literally everything makes me outspoken.

This is a mild expansion of Fact #8. I do what I want, when I want, how I want, and for whatever reason I want if any at all. I harbor quite an abundance of love and emotions towards pretty much every aspect of this planet including its structure and inhabitants. When people say dumb shit, I’ve probably got something to say although I may not always share it publicly. However, do remember, I only share what I want to share as does everyone else on the internet. Most people on the internet will never have the blessing to know you personally, so why be shook about how they feel about you? Furthermore, with love comes headaches, and there is an extensive list of things that I love and feel so deeply for that stress me the fuck out. If the time is right, I speak what I feel with little to no hesitation and honestly do not plan on stopping. Pick and choose your battles.

Fact #10: I was probably a Goddess or other form of a powerful entity in most of my past lives.

As were you. And you. And you over there. And you in the back. So much power is within us all. I feel it vividly in every thought, every move, every breath, and every step I take during everyday interactions and I am super fucking stoked that you stumbled across my blog and read this post to the very end. You sensational body of work, you. Let’s share this power and uplift one another to new levels of ethereal greatness.


This is finally the birth of my blog, and I want to take you all along with me on this crazy ass journey I’m traveling on in this life. I’ve got a lot of huge plans, sometimes I believe the process of executing them will drive me insane. I’m for it though, so I suppose this the introductory to is what it is like in the mind of someone who lost their marbles and is attempting to be Wonder Woman building her very own empire from scratch. I hope you’ll stick around with me, enjoy.



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